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9天和我一起玩遍巴黎与周边 (6)- 物超所值的景点攻略,三千张美景照片!

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9天和我一起玩遍巴黎与周边 (6)- 物超所值的景点攻略,三千张美景照片!Pompidou, Monet's Home Giverny



Day 5 continue:

If you like modern art, visit Pompidou, if you hate it, visit Pompidou. Wild, crazy, or wired, that's my and some others'

view to modern art.















































Day 6

5/8/2008 Giverny


I set out at 7:20am from my hotel apartment, took Metro 14 to Saint-Lazare where I took the Vernon bound train

(towards Rouen direction. Round trip tickets were 23.8euro), then from Vernon I took the big bus to Giverny - where I

toured Monet's Garden and his House. I took 3:35pm train back to Paris and got hotel at 5:40pm










































































































American Museum is next to Monet's Garden, I'm so lucky since there was a special exihbition for American artists'

paintings done either in Paris or based on Paris background borrowed from other museums like Orsay and Chicago.

The ticket was 5.5euro. Photograph was not allowed.

























自带小菜吃一顿, 累了不下馆子了.



1.  抵达巴黎, 西奈岛, 圣母院, 塞纳河岸, 卢佛宫金字塔夜景 (Arrive Paris, Ile de la Cite, Notre Dame, Along Seine River, Louvre Glass Pyramid Night View)

2. 凡尔赛宫, 卢佛博物馆, 夜游塞纳河, 艾菲尔塔火花景, 香舍里榭,凱旋门 (Versailles, Louvre, Seine River evening boat tour, Eiffel Tower Night Sparkling View, floodlit walk along Champs-Elysees)

3. 白天的杜乐丽,协和广场,香舍里榭,凱旋门,亚历山大三世桥,艾菲尔塔,圣心教堂,蒙马特,红磨坊(Tuileries Garden, Place Concorde, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Pont Alexandre III, Eiffel Tower Day View, Invalides,Sacre-Coeur Basilica, Montmartre, Moulin Rouge)

4.奥赛美术馆,拉雪兹公墓 (Orsay Museum, Lachaise Cemontery)

5.拿破仑墓,罗丹花园和雕塑馆,橘园美术馆,蓬皮杜现代艺术馆 (Napoleon's Tomb, Rodin Museum, Orangerie Museum, Pompidou)

6.参观蓬皮杜现代艺术馆,莫奈老家吉维尼(Pompidou, Monet's Home Giverny)

7.子爵堡,再来卢佛博物馆(Vaux le Vicomte, Louvre again)

8.圣礼拜堂,法院区,卢森堡公园,克鲁尼小博物馆,莫奈美术馆,加尼叶歌剧院看现代舞表演(Sainte-Chapelle, Palais de Justice complex, Luxembourg Garden, Cluny Museum, Monet Museum, Opera Garnier)

9.近看艾菲尔塔,圣哲曼教堂,告别巴黎!!(Last Day in Paris, Eiffel Tower, St. German Church)


Paris's travel Diaries:

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Original Plan:

DAY  6  (5/8/08   Thur )

  1. Morning: Vaux-le-Vicomte***
  2. Afternoon: Fontainebleau**

Day trip to Vaux-le-Vicomte and Fontainebleau

  1. Evening: Take Montmartre Walk (North) in huanghun, featuring the

Sacre-Coeur basilica** (or visit during a day),

Moulin Rouge (Evening show 130Euro)

English/French/Chinese Name for Sites:

Vaux-le-Vicomte  维孔宫城堡/子爵堡 (SE of Paris)
Fontaine bleau  枫丹白露 (SE of Paris)  closed on Tue. at 5:00pm
Montmartre: 蒙玛特区(North)
Montmartre Museum & Satie's House
Basilique du Sacré-Cœur 罗馬天主教圣心堂 (North/NE)
Moulin Rouge 红磨坊 (in 18 Dist.NE)
Bateau-lavoir (Picasso's Studio)



Fontaine bleau need about 1 day including travel time
Go early, then you can go other place by the way
** stop at 画家广场 in Montmartre
** From Paris to CDG airport: RER:B线 Roissy CDG 1 or 2
** 蒙马特高地的爬山小公车to get to the top
a carte orange takes about 16 euros, from monday to Sunday


Have a nice weekend! Niubee












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