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我的十四天意大利深度游(4) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略)

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我的十四天意大利深度游(4) (行程,上千张精 美照片, 必看的景点介绍攻略)-My Italy Travel 004-Florence-San Gimignano-Duomo Night View



Day 5 (5/23/10 Sun) Morning at Florence And Sleep in Florence(1) at Hotel Maxim

> Climbed Campanile di Giotto, 414 Steps, No Elevator. Fewer Lines

> Trip to Hill Town of Tuscany -- San Gimignano by SITA bus.

• The gate (in south) – Porta San Giovanni;

• Piazza della Cisterna – the cistern, center of the town;

• The Towers – Nobles use them to fortify their homes;

• Piazza del Duomo and the former cathedral , 360 view of the Tuscan countryside;

• Sant’Agostino Church ;

• Civic Museum(Museo Civico) ;

• Torre Grossa – The city’s tallest tower ;

> Duomo Night View

















































































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