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(2020-10-22 08:27:38) 下一个




1a ~ 1c

Ralph Lauren long red dress


2a ~ 2b

Sandro floral long silk dress


3a ~ 3b

similar I like Edie cotton maxi dress?


4a ~ 4c

Ted baker old style sold out, the similar style here

Ted baker another same style different pattern 

I like this one as well on sale 50%


5a ~ 5b 

Old dress sold out similar one I like Maggie Floral Midi Dress 

I like this fall colored same style dress as well (on sale)



Old sold out similar one Misa Los Angeles Off-The-Shoulder Midi Dress

(on sale $300 drop to $80)


6b ~ 6d 100% silk blouse

Rebecca Taylor bow tie blouse 100% silk



Reformation Petites Marley Dress linen dress


8a ~ 8b

similar jean jumpsuit low price point

simila on at a high price point: Stella McCartney - Acid-wash Denim Jumpsuit - Blue



Ted baker FLISSIE Striped midi dress



White shirt (old  sold out IRO)

Pants with button (old ) similar one



Old sold out but I like this one more



Ted baker black&white dress sold out, similar here on sale or find by yourself


13a ~ 13c

Old burberry Trench Coat Mid length


14a ~ 14c

The dress info is here and it's on sale

Yellow light weight down jacket similar one



Black wool scarf ANCE I have 3 colors and I love them very much for fall/winter here

Different color grey I have

Tan color here


15a & 15c

lingerie victoria secret topshirt old

Washed black jeans similar one here

White leather booties &

I like this white booties as well



16a ~ 16c

Balmain White Blazer I got it with a big discount 



17a ~ 17c

Floral Blouse I designed myself when I was 20s something ($10 may be?)

Similar one here

or this higher price point



Old sold out the similar one here




Midi slit skirt similar one from the same brand 

or this wrap one 

sweater: different color same style and materals you can find the color you like


19a ~ 19c

AG dress very old one I couldn't find the similar one


20a ~ 20b

Red dress same brand similar style 

All saint Black leather biker jacket old similar one

Sunglasses (I lost a prada one then get the similar Gucci one when they were on sale similar one)



Black 100% silk blouse very old you can get the equipment one 

White pants the exact same I got 2 color


Happy fashion shopping and enjoy the nature of fall around you!


Have a nice day!! Liren

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